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Feel energised, connected and revitalised as a team

Corporate Wellbeing with a Difference

Our Why

Corporate Wellbeing with a Difference

We are passionate about people. We want to see people connecting and collaborating more with their team, customers and stakeholders. We want to see people happy, smiling and laughing at work. We want people to have a healthy and positive mindset and use strategies to care for their mental wellbeing when things aren’t going well. We want to see people supporting each other to reach their goals and thrive in their workplace.

Our Founder, Koula Enev was inspired to start Revitalising Teams to offer businesses a new way of doing things in the workplace which not only focuses on their people’s wellbeing but unites a team to work better and stronger together.

How often are you checking in on your people’s mental wellbeing? Do you tend to only focus on work quality, productivity and reaching KPI and business goals? How are your people coping with these expectations?

By implementing the strategies, you will learn in our programs you may find your team will feel valued, work better together, be more focused, have more clarity and clearer minds to find solutions to challenges, be inspired to be more creative and empowered to be their best selves.


About Revitalising Teams

We are a unique business that brings people together. Our business focus’ on building relationships and teaching ways to relieve stress, anxiety and connect through creativity, play, laughter and meditation.

The programs we offer are about involving both leaders and their team, where everyone participates in a positive, uplifting, safe and respectful environment at your workplace.

When you join our sessions, your team are given the opportunity to learn, create and implement empowering strategies on the spot. Each session allows you to experience something you might not have done before and start seeing the benefits straight away. The tools learnt are designed so they can be used in people’s everyday lives at work and home to assist in regulating emotions, be inspired and enhance connections.

No session is the same and everyone comes out feeling energised, connected and revitalised!

Our Vision: To provide experiences that support and inspire people to reconnect with themselves and their teams in a safe and nurturing space.

Our Services

We offer packages of wellness and connection experiences that include:

  • Connecting through Music

  • Connecting through Movement

  • Connecting through Words

  • Connecting through Meditation

  • Connecting through Laughter

  • Connecting through Art

  • Connecting through Play

Who We help

This program is for businesses that are finding their people are showing signs of negative stress, are disconnected from their work and team, over-scheduled with meetings, taking more sick days, feeling KPI overload, working longer hours, not taking breaks, becoming withdrawn and feeling unmotivated. This program is for companies wanting to make a positive change within their work culture and embrace wellbeing practices.

It’s for businesses that want to see their people happy, collaborating and connecting with each other better, more engaged and enthusiastic about their work, have an overall healthier mindset and want to see their people revitalised.


The Mind is like water. When it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it is calm, everything becomes clear

Prasad Mahes


“I had the pleasure of working with Koula in a large corporation over many years. Koula always had a heart for people and an active concern for the wellbeing of others. This was evident in so many ways but ultimately came down to just who she was. In her last few years at the company we were in the same team where Koula offered to run wellbeing sessions for her colleagues. I attended many of these sessions and found them to be an extremely beneficial part of my week. Koula was always well prepared with appropriate sessions that were relevant to her audience. Her soothing tone of voice and sense of timing made the experience meaningful and I always came away feeling centred and ready to get on with my day. Her passion for wellbeing and genuine care for others made her delivery authentic and her experience and training made the experience professional. I would highly recommend attending a session with Koula to anyone interested in improving their wellbeing”


“I would like to thank Koula for her time in coaching me to find a better self and understanding what I need to do to have a healthier lifestyle. During our session Koula would teach me to quiet the busy mind and see the positives with clarity. She helped me reclaim what I cannot change and be grateful. Koula also on a weekly basis gave me affirmations to replace any negatives that I may be feeling. Overall, Koula helped me to establish my  goals for a clear Body & Mind. Thank You again Koula and looking forward to having more sessions.”


“Where do I start? From your caring nature to your sincere and friendly smile, I don’t have enough words to express my appreciation for having met you. The sessions I have experienced have given me inner peace, and taught me to look within myself for strength, courage, and will to drive my life forward. You radiate friendliness. You have nothing but a positive vibe and you lift my spirits every time I see you. I’m sure what I have seen in you will be shared with many others.”


“Koula is great!!! Im grateful to have attended Koula's team well-being sessions. Having a little social anxiety and anxiety overall, I was hesitant to join a team wellbeing session. However, attending the sessions helped me overcome this road block and helped me better myself through Koula's meditation and mindfulness program. In Sydney's face paced environment, we all need to take a step back and reset ourselves. A must try. ”

Adam Z

“I work in a fast paced and at times stressful corporate office. At times I can feel the anxiety build and tension around me rise. Fortunately for us we had Koula come in and teach us relaxation methods incorporating  meditation, breathing and lifestyle changes. Koula's calm and relaxed disposition along with her knowledge and expertise in the area made the whole experience extremely beneficial and I would highly recommend her services”


About Me

Hi, I'm Koula and I am the Founder of Revitalising Teams.

I have over 17 years of experience working in the corporate banking environment. I have loved working and collaborating with so many amazing people and teams in that time. But there was a time in my career where I felt I didn’t fit in, I was overworked, stressed and I tried to become someone I wasn’t in order to please others. I thought by changing myself I would be more successful.

This had the opposite effect on me. I become withdrawn and unhappy and when I came home from work, I would have a short fuse with my family. It was safe to say that all areas of my life weren’t going well.

What I had been doing made me disconnected from not only myself but everyone around me. I realised something had to change.

I took a deep look at myself and started making changes that would make me a happier, authentic, and more fulfilled person.

I love bringing teams together and seeing people working together, having fun and shine.

During this time of personal growth, I noticed other people I was working with were struggling with work life balance, anxiety, depression, stress and were feeling disconnected. In fact, I noticed many people were struggling in SILENCE- afraid to tell anyone in fear of what people might think of them or worse fear they would lose their jobs. I become someone people felt comfortable to come to for help, someone who would listen and support them and offer advice if wanted.

I started working more with leaders and voiced my concerns and opinions of how we could better develop and support our people. This is where I started to follow my passion in people’s wellbeing. I wrote wellbeing programs and facilitated regular staff wellness sessions which assisted in forging a unique connection within several teams. I saw positive changes to the teams I ran these sessions for. I saw people collaborating and asking advice from people they had never spoken to before, friendships developed, people expressing their opinions and ideas in meetings more, people speaking up when their mental health wasn’t in the best place, managers listening to their people and colleagues supporting one another. I saw work culture change positively and found teams who were happier and connected were more successful.

I found my passion and knew more teams had to experience this and that’s when Revitalising Teams began.

Connecting through Music


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Our Founders Story

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